Borrelly Spring Washers
Manufacturer of technical spring washers

Borrelly, engineering first

A unique know how since 1970 and global expertise in engineering, manufacturing and industrializing spring washers.

Borrelly, customer satisfaction culture

    • Borrelly Ondulée preload wave washers available on stock from 10 to 400 mm in both carbon and stainless steel
    • Stock dimensions of Borrelly Ondufil™ wave springs in both carbon and stainless steel
    • Stock dimensions of Borrelly 360™ spiral retaining rings designed for aerospace shaft and bore
    • Engineering departement dedicated to solve your requirements by proposing prototypes in short lead time

Borrelly, innovation hunter

    • 2009 MIDEST Trophy for International category
    • 2012 Gold Medal to Geneva inventions
    • 2012 Gold honour to Paris inventions 
    • 2013 Borrelly patent on  ROB™

Borrelly, quality assurance 

    • Two major certification since 2004 : « EN9100 » and « ISO 9001 » associated to quality departement equiped with in-house laboratories: optical, static, dimensional, dynamic, loads, deflections....from prototype to 100% control mass production.
    • « Safety Nuclear » 2014 approval

Borrelly, from prototype to mass production

    • Engineers team at your service
    • In-house spring calculation software based on 40 years experience.
    • Production team capable of automating the required production process, from raw material incoming reception to shipment.
    • From 1 pieces to 1 000 000 pieces

Borrelly, worldwide reputation

    • Co-engineering and manufacturing for high-tech application and customers including Aerospace, Nuclear, Automotive, Oil & Gas...