Engineering and Design
Borrelly studies your requirements to engineer and manufacture your spring.

From studying your requirements to custom industrialisation

A spring washer design requires a good knowledge of the product. Learning from previous experience and thanks to our know-how, our integrated design office is able to complete all of your requests and projects by offering solid technical expertise combining responsiveness, advice and proximity.

Our 50 years of experience and know-how are the guarantee of our expertise...

Small spring housing, extreme temperatures, specific environment; In terms of energy stored per material volume unit, the spring washers are among the most effective type of springs. Whether for prototypes or high volume, our design department customs all special washers and innovates constantly looking for new products, new geometries and new manufacturing processes.

We review your needs with your participation and develop your specifications to move towards the best technical and economical solution. We study your environments and adapt the material to perfectly meet the most severe constraints. We can quickly manufacture prototypes that can be tested statically, dynamically...

Through the use of advanced calculation software, experienced and made reliable for over 50 years, our skilled team is available from the calculation phase on finite-element to the achievement. Our main mission is to ensure optimal customization and support you every day with products that are constantly evolving.

We assist you in the design of the spring washer that best suits your needs:

    • Compact housing,
    • Specific environments,
    • Cryogenics - High temperature,
    • Static or dynamic application,
    • Spring material: from carbon steel to composite
    • Projects, tests
    • Prototype and large serie

Our flexibility and our performing means of productions offer us a great capability and allow us to meet your needs on a very wide range

Borrelly conception

Custom design